Episode 5: Nanny of the Maroons / by Eric Jaffe

Episode 5: Nanny of the Maroons

Episode 5: Nanny of the Maroons

Written and Produced by Eric Jaffe


Kate Wright as Lottie

Eric Jaffe as Gif

Wonoh Massaquoi as Queen Nanny

Sound Design by Trae Budde

"Time Turners Theme" by Daniel Hildreth


CRITTERS move about, but it’s peaceful. 

LOTTIE: Hello, Time Cadets. This is Lottie Turners and you’re listening to Time Turners, the podcast where me and my robot Gif—

GIF: Lose our time machine and get stuck in 18th century Jamaica?

LOTTIE: We didn’t lose our time machine; I just don’t know where I left it.

GIF: I don’t know what you humans call it, but in machine, that’s called being lost.

LOTTIE: No, lost means I don’t know where it is, but I do know.

GIF: Where is it then?

LOTTIE: Somewhere between where we are now and where we were yesterday. Stop worrying about it so much. When have I ever let you down?

GIF: When you forgot my half-birthday present last week. 

LOTTIE: No one gets gifts on their half-birthday!

GIF: You do.

LOTTIE: Only on leap years! 


GIF: Oh, look, that field is on fire.

LOTTIE: Finally, she’s here!

GIF: Who is?

LOTTIE: Queen Nanny.

GIF: Queen Nanny? Is she a queen or a nanny? 

LOTTIE: Nanny is her name! Queen Nanny is a Jamaican National Hero. She was brought to here as a slave from West Africa, but she and her brothers escaped from slavery and hid deep in the Blue Mountains. Then, they formed hidden communities where escaped slaves could live as free men and women.

GIF: What’s her village called?

LOTTIE: Nanny Town.

GIF: Very creative.

LOTTIE: Hey, show a little respect. We’re talking about a woman who survived slavery and dedicated her life to freeing slaves in Jamaica. You see that fire? That’s coming from a plantation. Nanny and her Maroons are burning it down to distract the owners while they free the slaves.

GIF: Whoa.

LOTTIE: Yeah. Still think Nanny Town is a lame name?

GIF: Sorry, I’m just a little irritated about being stuck in 1734 is all.

NANNY: Stuck? Who is stuck?

GIF: We’re— Wait, who said that? 

NANNY: Behind you.

LOTTIE: (Gasps) Oh my Einstein! You’re Nanny!

NANNY: Yes, and who are you?

LOTTIE: I’m Lottie. This Gif.

GIF: We lost our time machine.

LOTTIE: We didn’t lose it! We just misplaced it is all.

NANNY: Well you’ve found the right woman. No one knows the jungle better than the Maroon. Come. You’ll stay in Nanny Town tonight. We’ll find your time thing tomorrow.

LOTTIE: Oh, we couldn’t possibly ask that you—

GIF: Yay! I call top bunk.

LOTTIE: Uh oh. Here we go.



LOTTIE (Exhausted): I’m dying. This is the end. This is how I go.

GIF: I’ve never been so happy not to have lungs.

LOTTIE: Why does Nanny Town have to be so high in the mountains?

NANNY: How else could we see the British coming?

GIF: Oh, here we go: Another story about bad British people.

NANNY: Not just British. First we were enslaved by the Spanish. 

LOTTIE: Do the British attack often?

NANNY: They try, but they come at us and are no match for our skill and cleverness in this difficult terrain. They declared war on us in 1728 and we beat them easily. The English know the roads and the towns, but the Maroons know the jungles of the Blue Mountains. Here, we’re unstoppable.

GIF: Nanny, what’s a Maroon?

NANNY: You’re not from around here, are you? Maroons are African slaves that escaped and formed their own settlements away from their oppressors. This is just one of many such communities found all across Jamaica.

LOTTIE: Do you ever wish you could live outside the jungle?

NANNY: Not while the slavers are here. The jungle is dangerous, but at least we are free. Now go get some sleep. We’ll rise early to find your machine.

GIF: Where are our beds?

NANNY: Beds? No, you’ll be sleeping on the floor.

GIF: Oh.


LOTTIE (whispering): Hello, this is Lottie.

GIF: And this is Gif. 

LOTTIE (whispering): And we’re having trouble sleeping.

GIF: It’s cold and wet and—

LOTTIE (whispering): Shhh. I think I heard a panther.

GIF: They don’t have panthers in Jamaica.

LOTTIE: You can’t possibly know that.

NANNY (announcing): Hello, children, it’s time to wake up!

LOTTIE: What?! It’s still dark out.

NANNY: It’s never too early to start picking the day’s harvest.

LOTTIE: Gif, you go help. I’m going back to sleep.

NANNY: Nonsense. We have to work hard to support our community.

LOTTIE: But he’s a robot! He can do things at a thousands times the speed that any of us can!

NANNY: Good luck getting him to follow you as a Queen with that kind of attitude. Come on, Gif.

GIF: Yes, my Queen.

LOTTIE: Ugggghhhh. I guess I have some farming to do. Here’s a word from our sponsors.


LOTTIE: And we’re back. Gif and I just finished doing what exactly?

NANNY: One of the slaves we saved in last night’s plantation raid was greatly injured in the escape. We’ve picked a special selection of herbs that can heal his wounds and bring him back to full health. In addition to being their leader, I’m also Nanny Town’s physical and spiritual healer.

GIF: I also cut down a tree!

NANNY: Yes, he did that without asking.

LOTTIE: I’m so sorry.

NANNY: It’s okay. We planted two in its place. The herbs and plants will only take care of us if we take care of them.

LOTTIE: That’s beautiful.

NANNY: Now follow me back to Nanny Town. We’ve got wild boar for breakfast.

LOTTIE: I’m not much of a boar eater.

NANNY: No, no, trust me, you’ll love it. We can’t search for your machine on an empty stomach.

GIF: She brings up a good point, Lottie.

LOTTIE: Are you going to eat it?!

GIF: Robots don’t eat.

LOTTIE: You eat all the time!

GIF: Shhh.

LOTTIE: What was that?!
NANNY: The British are attacking Nanny Town!

LOTTIE: Oh no!


It’s raining.

NANNY: I can’t believe it. Everything we built. It’s all gone. They won’t stop until we’re all slaves again.

LOTTIE: Don’t worry, you’ll start another village. An even better one.

NANNY: I don’t believe you.

GIF: We can show you.



NANNY: What is that thing?!

GIF: It’s a time portal.

LOTTIE: Gif, you had our machine this whole time?

GIF: Yeah.

LOTTIE: And you’ve been hiding it from me?!

GIF: Yeah.


GIF: I don’t know. I guess I was kind of upset that you forgot my half-birthday.

LOTTIE: Half-birth— GIF! This is a much bigger deal than a half-birthday!

NANNY: Sorry, but can we talk about my village now, please?

GIF: Yeah, you’re right. Step into the portal.



NANNY: This is my town?!

GIF: It is.

LOTTIE: In 1739, after almost 80 years of being defeated in battle, the British signed a Peace Treaty with the Maroons. This is your land and your followers are free to live here and to form your own government. Maroons will live here far into the future. In fact, over 1,000 still live here in 2017.

NANNY: Wow. I can’t believe it. I’ll call this place… New Nanny Town.

GIF: Really?

LOTTIE: Shhh. Be quiet, Gif. 

NANNY: Thank you for showing me this. It means a lot to know that this fight was not for nothing. 

LOTTIE: Time heals all wounds.

NANNY: That’s beautiful. Did you come up with that just now?

LOTTIE: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I did.

GIF: No you didn’t! 

LOTTIE (whisper): Let me have this moment, Gif. You owe me.

NANNY: Well, I’ll see you two later. This music has me wanting to move a bit.

LOTTIE: Have fun!


LOTTIE: Okay, Gif, time to go!

GIF: Can we stay and dance a little?

LOTTIE: Fine. Consider it a half birthday present.

GIF: Yay!

LOTTIE: Let’s sign off real quick, first.

GIF: Thanks for listening to Time Turners!

LOTTIE: Don’t forget to stay up to date with our adventures by subscribing to our show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

GIF: See you next week!

LOTTIE: In the future!